The Women's Caucus at Regional Meetings of AAR/SBL

The Women's Caucus of the national AAR/SBL supports the development of Women's Caucuses at Regional Meetings of AAR/SBL. The following is the Women's Caucus's call for papers for the Mid-Atlantic AAR/SBL meeting in March, 2018. Please consider submitting a proposal. 

The Women’s Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Region seeks to conduct two sessions at the Mid-Atlantic Meeting of the AAR to be held in New Brunswick, NJ, March 15-16, 2018:

Session One: Moving Forward: Prophetic Conversations Among Deans and Chairpersons

This session of the Women’s Caucus Wildcard will bring together panelists comprising deans and chairpersons of departments of religion and theology from various universities, and seminaries. Panelists to this section are encouraged to reflect on the responsibilities of scholars of religions and theologians as public intellectuals in light of 21st century challenges. Additionally, panelists are exhorted to speak prophetically as they anticipate these challenges and offer pathways in stewarding sustainable transformations and authentic relationships while individuals remain passionate about vocational vision and calling.

This session features not only an interreligious and inter-institutional participation, but also hopes to foster an intergenerational dialogue. Thus, the session is intentionally designed to give more time for discussion, not only among panelists, but also with the audience. Come participate and join in this exciting conversation as scholars in top leadership positions engage in deepening, expanding, and re-envisioning our role as public intellectuals.  Ask questions, provide immediate feedback, and provide your own brief reflections in expanding and re-envisioning our role as public intellectuals while facing the ever-increasing challenges of post-modernity.

Session Two: Emerging Scholars' Views and Their Response to Prophetic Conversations Among Deans.

This session seeks proposals from younger scholars involved in leadership or service positions as a complement to the panel. They are to present their own work towards deepening, expanding, and re-envisioning our role as public intellectuals as well as present their responses from the earlier session: Moving Forward: Prophetic Conversations Among Deans, Chairs and Top Level Management Scholars.

Please provide the following information with your proposal:


Institutional Affiliation

 E-mail Address

Individual paper title

150-word Abstract

500-word Proposal

Please label the attachment with your name and session you are applying.

Email subject line must read: 2018 Paper Proposal - Session & name: Paper Title



All presenters must be AAR members and pre-registered for the conference by the registration deadline.

Presentations will be 10 minutes in length.

Notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent out by January 15, 2018.


Send proposals to:

Alicia Panganiban (Chair). Princeton Theological Seminary,

Julia Berger (Co-Chair), University of Kent,

For the entire CFP for the Mid-Atlantic Region, click here