See you at the AAR/SBL Virtual Annual Conference,

November 29- December 10, 2020.

Caucus Theme: Re-Engaging Praxis: A Call for Action
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This winter issue includes:
1. Annual Conference session information
2. She Writes: current projects that you can join
3. She Reads: book reviews
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There are five women's caucus sessions at this year's AAR/SBL Conference.

Session #1: Re-Engaging Praxis Through Publication: New Books on Gender and Religion

The AAR/SBL Womenʼs Caucus invites proposals from scholars who have published books on gender and religion in 2019 and 2020. Authors will provide an overview of their books and share their research in theology, biblical studies, or religious studies, with a focus on its intersection with gender, sexuality, feminist or queer studies. These scholars will also share their experiences regarding strategies and mechanics for getting books on gender and religion published, make suggestions on how to overcome publication challenges in the guild, and offer advice to those seeking publication of their own book manuscripts.
Session #2: Feminist Theologies and Religious Studies – Publications from Around the World

Feminist and gender-sensitive perspectives on feminist theologies and religious studies have always been urging to raise the voices of those not being properly heard and represented in the academia. Further, they aim to point to blind spots, highlight lucid and most inspiring ways of thinking and taking action without which the self-understanding of the academy as a broad, intellectually challenging, and life-changing assembly would not be fulfilled. This call invites authors of books residing outside of the US or having published with presses outside of the US to share publications that offer unique perspectives on recent feminist theologies or religious studies from their country or religion that they feel has not yet been (properly) represented at AAR/SBL. This panel aims to enrich our discourse on feminist theology by broadening our knowledge through appreciation of international publications and research in this field.

Session #3: AAR/SBL Women's Caucus Business Meeting

Elizabeth Ursic, Mesa Community College, and Elaine Nogueira- Godsey, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Presiding

Come join the Women’s Caucus Business Meeting. We will be reviewing feedback from this year’s panels, discussing our ongoing projects, establishing the Women’s Caucus leadership team for 2020-21, and planning for next year’s conference. 

All are welcome!

Session #4: Emerging Scholars Re-Engaging Praxis

Our ʻEmerging Scholarsʼ papers engage in reimagining normative concepts and/or frameworks within the feminist study of religion and theology. In light of the AAR/SBL 2020 proposed theme that is “more inward-looking and self-reflective,” this upcoming generation of scholars share their research and perspectives on methodologies, pedagogies, and political strategies that respond to our current global and U.S. political situation. Their researches introduce innovations that enhance and transform religion and religious practices. Responding to this panel is Adriaan Van Klinken, author of the acclaimed book Kenyan Christian Queer.

Session #5: Womenʼs Religious Biographies – A Call to Action: Raising the Marginalized Voices and Contributions of Women in the Academy