Call for Papers 2022

AAR/SBL Women's Caucus
AAR/SBL Annual Conference
in Denver, November 18-22, 2022

AAR Theme: Religion and Catastrophe

There are six women's caucus sessions open for papers at this year's AAR/SBL Conference.
Submit 2022 proposals through the AAR Papers System by March 1, 2022.

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Session #1: Emerging Scholars -Religion and Reproductive Liberation

The AAR/SBL Women’s Caucus invites submissions from graduate students and early career scholars assessing the state of the religious dimensions of women’s reproductive rights in North America. We invite papers asking questions such as the role that faith-based movements play both in exacerbating women’s oppression and in bringing signs of hope for the future of reproductive justice. We are particularly interested, but not limited, in research analyzing what this current crisis represents for theological education, and are asking questions about the ways in which seminaries and other religious studies programs and institutions should respond to this reality. What are the pedagogical proposals that decolonial (eco)feminisms can offer to those teaching on the relationship between political power and religious patriarchal ideologies and their treatment of women’s bodies? What are the contributions that ecofeminism and ecowomanism can offer to address the connections between reproductive rights and environmental justice issues? And, how are traditional theological teachings or religious laws on abortion interconnected with colonization, neoliberal capitalism, patriarchal ideologies, and the destruction of the earth? We invite the upcoming generation of scholars to share their research and perspectives on religion and political strategies, especially those that also respond to AAR’s Annual Conference theme in 2022 on “Religion and Catastrophe.” Please note Women’s Caucus Session #1 in proposal submission.

Session #2: New Books on Gender and Religion

The AAR/SBL Women’s Caucus invites proposals from scholars who have published books on gender and religion in 2021 and 2022. Authors will provide an overview of their books and share their research in theology, biblical studies, or religious studies, with a focus on its intersection with gender, sexuality, feminist or queer studies. These scholars will also share their experiences regarding strategies and mechanics for getting books on gender and religion published, make suggestions on how to overcome publication challenges in the guild, and offer advice to those seeking publication of their own book manuscripts.  Because these are published books, this is not blind submission. For your proposal, please reply with the book title, book blurb, publisher, and a copyright of 2021 or 2022, along with a short bio. Please note Women’s Caucus Session #2 in proposal submission.

Session #3: International Scholars Panel

The AAR/ SBL Women’s Caucus invites submissions from international scholars, particularly those residing outside of the United States, to present on the intersection of their work on women, gender, religion, and theology with the AAR’s Annual Conference Theme for 2022: “Religion and Catastrophe.” We are particularly interested in research that raises fresh questions and identifies phenomena that have been obstructed or not adequately explored; draws on theory and praxis; introduces perspectives from underrepresented religious and spiritual traditions; and considers the ways that scholarship outside of the US makes important contributions to the US academic discourses on religion, poverty, and inequality. Please note Women’s Caucus Session #3 in proposal submission.

Session #4: Biographies about Women in Religion:

Colonialism and Other Imperial Catastrophes for Women on the Australian Continent

This Panel gathers biographies about women who have made noteworthy contributions to the field of religion on the Australian continent, whose knowledge production and/or accomplishments have been obscured and diminished by the colonial gaze. A lack of coverage on digital and other publishing platforms means that the work of these women is marginalized and unavailable as transformative wisdom within their local communities and the larger world. These omissions are fueled by colonial definitions of religion and perspectives on women that privilege western epistemologies and hierarchies. In order to increase access to secondary sources, we are seeking biographies about women who (1) have represented their religious and spiritual traditions as leaders (2) are noteworthy as founders, practitioners, teachers, resistors, and researchers of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions and (3) do not have a biographical entry on Wikipedia. Original research including interviews of living subjects, oral histories, transcriptions of existing recordings, and historical documents is encouraged. Proposals must demonstrate strong analytical engagement with the challenge of intersectional issues related to colonialism and their impact on women. Panel proposals may be adapted and submitted as chapter proposals for inclusion in the fourth volume of Atla’s Women in Religion series. Please note Women’s Caucus Session #4 in proposal submission.


  • All presenters must be AAR/SBL members and pre-registered for the conference by July 2022.

  • Presentations will be 10-15 minutes in length.

  • Notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent out by April 1, 2022. 

Please contact us if you need more information or have resources that might be helpful to our members.