2021 Women's Caucus Programming
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Session #1 - Friday, November 19, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM (CST)

1000 Women in Religion Wikipedia Editing Workshop

Session #2 - Saturday, November 20, 9:00 AM-11:00 AM (CST)

New Books on Gender and Religion

Session #3 - Saturday, November 20, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM (CST)

Re-engaging Praxis: A Call for Action, Feminist Liberation Theologian Network (FLTN)

Session #4 - Saturday, November 20, 3:00 PM-4:30 PM (CST)

Emerging Scholars’ Research on Gender, Religion, Poverty and Inequality

Session #5 - Sunday, November 21, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM (CST)

Biographies of Women in the Parliament of the World’s Religions: Addressing Issues of Equity

Session #6 - Monday, November 22, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM (CST)

Women’s Caucus Business Meeting

Session #7 -Monday, November 22, 3:00 PM-4:30 PM (CST)

International Scholars' Research on Gender, Religion, Poverty and Inequality

Friday, November 19, 
9:00am - 12:30pm

1000 Women in Religion Wikipedia Editing Workshop 

Addressing Issues of Gender Bias and Knowledge Equity


The 1000 Women in Religion Project – a major initiative of the AAR/SBL Women’s Caucus – works to raise up the underrecognized work of cis and trans women and non-binary folx, important to the world’s religious and wisdom traditions. We do this by adding biographical information onto the Wikimedia platform. This workshop focuses on women of color, especially LATINX but if you are passionate about a particular unrecognized woman, bring your project along. Participants will sign up as wiki-editors, learn the basics of editing, do hands on editing that improves existing articles and more. THIS IS NOT FOR THE TECHNOLOGICALLY ELITE! We will walk you through the process one easy step at a time. Join us in this practical effort to address issues around knowledge equity by raising up the work of women in religion in ways that reform the gender biases that shape our systems of knowledge production.

November 20, 9:00-11:00 am

New Books on Gender and Religion


This session presents women scholars who have published books in the discipline of women’s studies, gender, theology and religion in 2019-2021. This panel’s authors will provide an overview of their books and share their perspectives on current research being published on women and gender studies. Authors will also discuss how they visualize their books in constructing knowledge and influencing the public sphere. In addition, these scholars will share their experiences regarding strategies and mechanics for getting women’s studies in theology and religion books published, and to offer advice for those seeking publication of related book manuscripts. 

Women's Caucus Welcome

Deborah Fulthorp, Grand Canyon University, in Phoenix, AZ.

Deborah Fulthorp, Presiding


Margaret D. Kamitsuka, Oberlin College

Abortion and the Christian Tradition: A Pro-choice Theological Ethic

Debora Jackson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Meant for Good: Fundamentals of Womanist Leadership

Jill Peterfeso, Guilford College

Womanpriest: Tradition and Transgression in the Contemporary Roman Catholic Church 

Phyllis Zagano, Hofstra University

Women: Icons of Christ

Kimberly Carter, California Institute of Integral Studies, Responding

November 20,
12:30 pm-
2:30 pm

Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network (FLTN)

Papers in this co-sponsored session engage with questions about centering the voices of those most affected by oppression and those on the ground attempting to stem the tide. As we witness increased media coverage of various communities engaging in fascism, totalitarianism, and global environmental catastrophes, the question arises: ‘What might the feminist study of religion look like if these contexts are seriously engaged as knowledge-producing, and not merely as objects of research?’ In collaboration with the Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network (FLTN), this session explores the practical resources Feminist Liberation Theologies offer to combat the growing global backlash. What needs to be reimagined or reclaimed to advance a feminist global trend of shared responsibility, to make the personal political once again, and to develop models of successful political leadership?

Women's Caucus Co-Chair Welcome:

Elaine Nogueira-Godsey, Women’s Caucus Co-Chair Welcome, Presiding


Mai-Anh L. Tran, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

From My Lai to Ferguson: Collaterality, Grievous Deaths, Militarized Orientalism, Benevolence, and Racism


Haley Feuerbacher, Southern Methodist University

The Economics of Purity and Marriage: Towards a Communal and Postcolonial Christian Ethics of Sex Positivity Inspired by an Indigenous Women’s Land Rights Movement

K. Christine Pae, Denison University

War on COVID-19: Resurging Indecent Theology


Mary E. Hunt, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

Saturday, November 20
3:00 pm- 4:30 pm​

Sunday, November 21,
12:30 pm- 2:30 pm​

Monday, November 22, 12:30pm-2:30pm

Monday, November 22, 3:00-4:30pm


Emerging Scholars - Gender, Religion, Poverty and Inequality

In the Emerging Scholars Session of the Women’s Caucus, graduate students and early career scholars’ papers engage in reimagining normative concepts and frameworks within the feminist study of religion and theology. We are particularly interested in proposals that introduce innovation and enhances nuanced understandings of religious practices. This year, these scholars share their research and perspectives on methodologies, pedagogies and political strategies, responding to AAR’s Annual Conference theme on “Religion, Inequality, and Poverty.”

Women's Caucus Co-Chair Welcome

Elaine Nogueira-Godsey



Veena Howard, California State University, Fresno



Melody Escobar, Oblate School of Theology

“Love on Steroids”: The Unrealized Cost of Kenotic Caregiving among Mothers of Children with a Disability

Kathryn Common, Boston University

Creating New Canon: A Feminist Biblical Case for Expanding Sacred Texts in Ecclesial Practice


Cella Masso-Rivetti, New York University

Transforming Narratives of the Catholic Women Deacons' Debate through Digital Collections


Shivani Bothra, Rice University

Zoom: Technology Empowering Jain Laywomen for Religious Education

Biographies of Women in the Parliament of the World's Religions: Addressing Issues of Equity

In support of the "1000 Women in Religion Project's" efforts to address systemic gender bias on Wikipedia, this panel gathers biographies about women who are noteworthy participants in the Parliament of the World’s Religions since its inception in 1893, but whose gender, geographical location, economic status and occupation obscures their significance. This lack of coverage is fueled by an 18th century definition of knowledge that privileges the scientific method and masculine achievement even as it discounts knowledge and histories that are oral, embodied and unpublished. Panelists will present original research and analysis that make a strong case for each subject’s notability in their religious or spiritual area of influence. They critically analyze the barriers to the production of knowledge by and about women. 

Women's Caucus Co-Chair Welcome:

Elizabeth Ursic, and Elaine Nogueira- Godsey, Women’s Caucus Co-Chair Welcome


Janice Poss, Claremont Graduate University, Presiding


Michelle Eastwood, University of Divinity, Melbourne

Anique Radiant Heart: The Invisibility of the Crone


Ulrike Auga, Humboldt University, Berlin

Annemarie Schönherr: Visionary of a Just World Society – for Gender Parity and against Poverty and Exclusion


Mary Hamlen, Harvard University

Audrey E. Kitagawa, Interfaith Activist and Spiritual Leader

Emily Silverman, Graduate Theological Union

Biography of Rae Abeliah: The Weaver of Prophecies

Sheryl Johnson, Graduate Theological Union

Dr. Dolly Dastoor: Celebrated Dementia Researcher, Committed Zoroastrian, and Inter-religious Leader

Kimberly Carter, California Institute of Integral Studies

Dr. Mara Lynn Keller

Jonathon Eder, Mary Baker Eddy Library

Jennifer Howe Peace—Innovator and Trailblazer in Interfaith Education

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, University of San Diego

Radical Inclusion: The Life’s Work of Pamela Ayo Yetunde So Far


Rosalind F. Hinton, LAOUTLOUD

Teresia Mbari Hinga: An African Woman’s Contributions to Religious Dialogue and Knowledge Equity.

Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen, Charles Sturt University

The Second Silence: The Audience for Women’s Writing


Deborah Fulthorp, Grand Canyon University

Iyekiyapiwin Darlene St. Clair: The Sacred Story of an Eco-feminist Challenging Knowledge Inequity



Ulrike Auga, Humboldt University, Berlin

Mahjabeen Dhala, Graduate Theological Union

Women's Caucus Business Meeting

Come join in the Women’s Caucus Business Meeting. We will be reviewing feedback from this year’s panels, discussing our ongoing projects, establishing the Women’s Caucus leadership team for 2021-22, and planning for next year’s conference. 

All are welcome.

Women's Caucus Co-Chairs, Presiding

Elizabeth Ursic, Mesa Community College, and Elaine Nogueira- Godsey, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Presiding


  • Colleen D. Hartung, 1000 Women in Religion Wikipedia Project 

  • Janice Poss, Claremont Graduate University

  • Deborah Fulthorp, Grand Canyon University

  • Julia Berger, Baha’i International Community

  • Julia Enxing, University of Dresden

  • Theresa A. Yugar, California State University, Los Angeles 

  • Rosalind F. Hinton, LAOUTLOUD

  • Kathryn Common, Boston University

  • Alicia Panganiban, Mayo Clinic Health System

  • Kimberly Carter, California Institute of Integral Studies 

  • Tracy McEwan, University of Newcastle, Australia

  • Sheryl Johnson, Graduate Theological Union

  • Mary Ellen Chown, Catholic Network for Women’s Equality

  • Polly Hamlen, Harvard University 

  • Saphira Rameshfar, Baha’i International Community, United Nations Office

  • Mary T. Kantor, Arlington, MA

  • Alaine Buchanan, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA

International Scholars - Gender, Religion, Poverty and Inequality

The AAR/ SBL Women’s Caucus International Scholars’ papers aim at raising fresh questions and identify phenomena that have been obstructed or not adequately explored. They draw on theory and praxis, introduces perspectives from underrepresented religious and spiritual traditions, and considers the ways that scholarship outside of the US makes important contributions to the American academic discourses on religion, poverty and inequality.

Women's Caucus Co-Chairs, Welcome

Elizabeth Ursic, Mesa Community College, and Elaine Nogueira- Godsey, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Julia Berger, Montclair State University, Presiding


Cristina Lledo Gomez, BBI-The Australian Institute for Theological Education

Deleted and Reclaimed Borders: Embracing My Native Self in Talanoa and Babaylan Tradition

Lana Sirri, Maastricht University

Islamic Feminism: Discourses on Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Islam


Ulrike Auga, Humboldt University, Berlin

C. Vanessa White, Catholic Theological Union